illustration is art


Dren 2


Another Dren illustration (:

For me, Splice was all Dren—forget the lame-assed, conflicted scientists… Dren was way cool. The film should have ended with her killing them and escaping to live in a sequel where her character could have been seriously developed. Instead they went for predictable ‘pet turns ugly, gets killed‘.



This is a painting I did of Dren (Delphine Chaneac) for an assignment (a few years ago, now) where we had to create a magazine—we could use excerpts from real articles, but all illustration/choice of font/design, etc; had to be our own.

I’d just seen and, of course, loved Splice (apart from the crap ending)… of course, it was Dren, herself, I loved. I did several illustrations for the assignment.

The Captured Instant


Photography is Zen-like in it’s potential. That’s really all I have to say (:


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