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Bad Girl


Sorry to labour this painting of my delicious Alice, but I’m still experimenting with lomographic photography. I took this with my most recent lomographic acquisition, a Polaroid 600 Extreme.

This camera takes way better pictures than the Polaroid Land camera I slightly less recently was playing with.

Time Storm


I took this with my recently acquired, 34 year old Minolta Weathermatic A, one of several gorgeous old camera’s I have recently bought to further my new interest in lomography. This camera not only takes photos in the rain (it was pouring down), but can be used under water. It uses 110 cartridges. This is an image from the first film I put through it. This is also the first 110 film I have used since I was 17 (38 years ago) when I bought my first camera, also a Minolta, but a 110 zoom—I loved that camera.

I’m loving my adventure into lowtech photography!


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