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Centuries like Autumn Leaves


Female Saviour Archetype

Hi, followers. I’m about to post a new Creatuie (:

Before doing so, I thought I’d give my darling girl even deeper context. My Honours thesis exhibition was titled ‘Female Saviour Archetype‘— and Creatuie was the star!

The actual thesis/research paper was titled ‘Sequential Intelligence‘, which was about the ability of sequential graphics to simply convey complex meaning.

My exhibition work consisted of 3 594mm x 841 mm prints of digital paintings, and a massive, 52 page, A3, bound process book.

Here are 3 pages from that book:



Chloe Grace Cropped


My longtime, serious followers will be well aware of my adoration of the amazing Chloe Grace Moretz, as well as my artistic homages to her awesomeness.

I have a lot of recent, new followers, who may have never seen much of my earlier work, which is actually slightly different to my current work—so I thought I’d do a bit of shameless self-promotion. This is a crop of this, which I feel is one of my better works (:

Do Demons Have Souls?


Conflicted, demonic cutie (:


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