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Through the Veil


Incandescent Rage


During my Honours year, an illustration assignment required me to create my own brief, the only requirement being that I work in a medium and style that was different to my preferred/usual one. I did a short comic strip, which I created in Illustrator, software I hardly use and don’t really like much. When you select a group of the shapes you use to create images in Illustrator, each shape (path) is outlined in that layers unique colour. I liked this effect more than the actual image! I took this screen shot, with the intention of looking in to possibly exploiting this effect, somehow, but that’s as far as I got.

It’s a Beautiful World

I’ve never done this before—this blog is about my art… but I occasionally post some stuff, such as an artist I love. Here, I’m posting a link to something gorgeous and stunningly, beautifully life-affirming. Not just in the aspect of how wonderful some humans can be, but how astonishingly cool some mammals are (:


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