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Hey, lovely followers (: Here’s something totally different from what you’re used to… though I did stuff like this for decades before we met.

Did this blasting Girl In A Coma’s Trio B.C. and Exits & All The Rest… geez, i love those girls (:

Alpha Female



This is by far the best Creatuie I’ve ever drawn! She is the closest yet, in fact, a perfect match, to the vision I’ve always had of her. She’s lithe and sexy, frighteningly calm and wise and, best of all, she’s smiling! The first ever smiling Creatuie… a lovely, enigmatic smile. She’s evaluating you from the perspective of an almost indestructible 4000 year old being, weighing your intent in her more-zen-than-zen mind.

If I can continue to get her this true to my vision, I may be able to finally start that Creaturina graphic novel (:

Sprite Love



Some sprites (rarely) are cursed with a genuine affection for humans. This is always disastrous for the human and sad for the sprite. The human love interests are always like small animals caught in the headlights of a logging truck, an unstoppable object meeting something tiny and soft… it never ends well for the human. The problem for the sprite is that, though they can sometimes be killed if you have the help of another sprite or something even more powerful and, believe me, you don’t want to go there; they never die, unless they want to. This means the poor sprite falls in love again and again with soft, flash-in-the-spectrum creatures who are gone before she even grasps the fact and, because she is a sprite, not a human, she cannot understand where they went, or why, and this makes her sad… sad for millennia.

Sprite Template



Sprite’s have a slightly different Morphic ‘template’ to humans… actually, they have a spectacularly different ‘template’. This is because, although they choose to manifest as ‘human’, they are, in fact, conduits of all the Earth’s, as well as the Universe’s, most raw energy. The reason Sprites are beyond our ken, is that they are so far beyond our ken, we can barely comprehend them, or their actions. This is why it is unwise to, um, interact with them.

Morphic Resonance Theory



Unlike Fractal Resonance Theory, Morphic Resonance Theory is real… see Rupert Sheldrake. The theory states, if I remember it correctly (it’s been 20 years since I read it in any depth) that we are human because of a human ‘template’ which resonates with electromagnetic/organo-creative waves which lay down ‘humans’, as apposed to frogs, who have their own template… something like that, go read about it!

This and ‘Fractal Resonance Theory’ were created listening to my current faves, Amberian Dawn, stunning Finnish operatic metal… love them to bits, can’t wait for Heidi Parviainen’s solo project, Dark Sarah to come out/be finished (:


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