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Something beautiful 18

Love these guys…

… I have always loved Katie Melua, it pisses me off that she gets slagged by moron YouTube trolls who claim she can’t sing… WTF!?… the woman has and amazing voice…

… the guy playing the piano behind Katie is Mike Batt… I’ve loved his music even longer than Katie’s, because he’s been around much longer…

… these guys are recent discoveries… love them to bits!

Arya WIP 3


Fabulous Arya is almost done. I adore this character… she’s not quite a woman, yet, but she has the wisdom of one, and is easily the equal of any woman in combat. I love this image of her, so proud and confident, every bit the noble that she is. What amazes me most about this image, is how much she looks like her mother! How could the casting people have possibly known that Maisie Williams would, years after she was cast as Arya, grow into a woman who resembles the woman who acted as her mother?

This Little Chicken WIP


I fell in love with this little chicken from the moment she first appeared in Game of Thrones, and she is, by far, my favourite GOT character. I actually disliked Sansa for a while, till she showed some backbone against that repulsive monster she was married to, but I adored Arya from the start; intelligent, funny, clever, tough little warrior-girl, how could she not steal my heart?  I thought the whole season spent with the faceless man was kind of boring and vague, and it didn’t really explain how she became the awesome little ninja she is now, but, who cares, she is what she is, and its fabulous… like, who ever would have guessed she could kick the amazing Brienne’s ass!?

Anyway, I like to show these crappy rough first-passes, because I know the end result will be fabulous, and it’s always sooo much better than these first few minutes of work, almost unbelievably so. It took me years to learn to persevere past these initial stages… for most of my life, I’d get this far, then just quit, not knowing I had the skill to get where I wanted to go, if only I’d just kept working at it. Now I know (:



For several nights before the Sprite caught up with the bad humans, they were having scary dreams… in these dreams, something unstoppable, with burning eyes, was coming through the trees to devour them… she hadn’t caught them yet, but, even at that distance, she was in their heads (:

Del Sys


I am always finding folders of stuff I did years ago, and going ‘wow, I really like that!’… this is something I did 6 years ago, and called ‘Delivery System‘… I just re-discovered it this morning. The face is acrylic paint on indian ink splatter/blob/stain on cartridge paper. The shapes are indian ink splatters scanned, then taken into glorious Photoshop CS5 and played with for hours. Love the result (: