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Something Beautiful 9


Background Texture


This is the texture I made to put behind Seri in my last post. The trick to making good background textures is not to make them the main feature. When I construct a texture behind the character, I’m constantly damping the texture down, and concentrating on the character, making sure the texture doesn’t overwhelm her. I’m not making the texture for it’s own sake. When I’m finished, if I like the texture, I delete the character and save the texture to my ever-growing folders of fabulous textures, which make it easier and easier to create new ones… I seldom re-use exactly the same texture. Anyway, sometimes, as with this one, when I remove the main subject, I realise that the texture, itself, is a gorgeous landscape! Usually they’re just that little bit too bland to stand alone, but I think this one does (:



In my last post, I said Seraphim would not normally, and has, in fact, never (until today) wear/worn a crappy, free hat… here is the kind of hat she would wear… beautifully crafted, expensive and gorgeous (:

Happy Birthday Second Life!


Seraphim is very particular about what she wears, and simply does not wear clunky, stupid, free hats… until today (: She must be getting old/sentimental, because she decided she wanted to show solidarity with the current SL 14th birthday festivities, so went to the location that is giving away free crap (believe me, it is, as free stuff always is, mostly crap), and saw this ghastly (though, somehow, cute… I think it’s the butterfly) hat, and ‘bought’ it…


… she then went to some of the shopping events, looking and feeling both stupid and happy at the same time…


… later she hung another acquisition in the gallery, one the artist gave her for free, which is always lovely…


… and also placed this gorgeous, derelict fireplace, which she bought at the above-mentioned birthday shopping event (:

Something Beautiful 8

Dave is incredibly cool/talented, but it’s Candy I adore