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Creaturina’s Girl WIP


This is what I’m currently enjoying working on… if you don’t know her, this is Creaturina’s tough-as-nails, human sweetheart, Alice. Creaturina is tough because she’s a virtually indestructible, immortal alien; Alice is tough because she’s just plain tough, physically and mentally, defeat/weakness has never been an option for this fearsome warrior girl. If you don’t know about her scars, check this out (:

The Scientist


Silly me! She wasn’t a soldier, or a pilot; she’s a scientist!

It’s so obvious, now.

She is the head scientist of a fourty-strong team who have landed on a remote planet to study the alien structures there. Their landing craft mysteriously malfunctioned just before touchdown, causing it to crash land, and now they have to wait several of the planets days before their mother ship, on AI pilot, can come back within telemetry range, as she has headed into a nearby nebula to get some readings from a strange star.

That was two days ago. Since then, five of the scientist’s team have vanished.

The structures they are investigating are a vast labyrinth of uncertain purpose. Though the atmosphere outside is very cold, and does not contain enough oxygen for humans to breath for more than a few minutes, inside, the atmosphere is perfect for humans. The temperature in the buildings is warm, and there is a constant breeze, though no one has yet figured out how it is generated, of even where it comes from.

In the time that the five scientists have vanished, the team’s two military-grade cyborgs have fought several pitched battles with seemingly non-existent foes, foes who register on none of the teams devices. The cyborgs have slowly been taking damage, and need to be repaired by the ships AI very soon, or they will not be able to defend the team much longer.

The scientist has a lot on her plate.

Current WIP


This is what I’m currently creating. I don’t really have a story for her, yet, just a general concept. I toyed with calling her ‘Strong Confident Woman Version X‘ (: She is some kind of space pilot, or perhaps a soldier, either way, she is highly skilled, extremely competent, and you shouldn’t mess with her (: I like how she is progressing, and it’s wonderful to be able to paint again, now that my hand is out of the cast.

Post-Apocalyptic Couture


Seraphim has extremely eclectic taste (:

Wild Thing


Finally finished my beautiful wild thing (:

In-world Camera!

I’ve never used the in-viewer camera, only ever used screen shots as my SL camera. But, today, I saw this post , by Sugarriott, on taking close-ups with the in-viewer camera, and I thought ‘why haven’t I ever used that?’ So, thanks to Sugarriott, I gave it a try…


I really enjoyed it… I think the images are slightly sharper than screen shots, but playing with the ‘photo tools’ button, something else I’ve never done, really produced some lovely images…


… so, even if I decide the camera is no sharper than a screen shot, though I think it is, I’ll still be making far more use of Windlight settings than I used to.


New Exhibit


Seraphim has just hung eight of my Suicide Girl portraits in Placebo Gallery.


They look pretty good (: