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She was born in a village in the shadow of the ruins of an enormous, ancient, mental asylum. Some catastrophic horror had befallen the asylum a hundred years ago, the patients had all escaped, taking the materials to build her village from the ruins of the stricken edifice. She is the product of a long line of feral lunatics. The very air in the village seems to pulse with madness. She is determined not to succumb…a… sometimes, when the madness becomes almost tangible, and she can feel it stroking her hair, she sings the magic songs the pixies taught her, when she was a baby, and they used to climb into her room at night; the power of the songs is strong, and it pushes the madness back, for a while…bunfortunately, lately, in the quite times, her left hand has begun sending her secret finger signals… this is not a good sign…cfortunately, when she goes down by the derailed train, and the metallic bulk of it’s gutted freight cars amplifies her signal, she can still clearly communicate with the aliens, who still tell her they will be here, soon, and everything will be fined

Model: Emanuelle Courtois                                                                                                       Location: Junk. Mainstore, Junk

Gallery Gal’s

Seri recently gave Emanuelle Courtoise a short, introductory tour of Placebo Gallery…galgalsgalgals2a … they spent a big chunk of that time lounging on Seri’s bear-skin rug.

New Day


Model: Emanuelle Courtois

Sweet Ride

Seri just bought herself an extremely sweet ride…sweetride… as she is not a ‘girly’ girl, so her ride is not a ‘girly’ ride. I’m not sure what cc-rating this bike is actually meant to be, but I’d say around 800cc. I love it’s old-school lines, it’s perfect for a no-nonsense adventurer like Seraphim. At L$4000, it wasn’t cheap, but it’s a beautifully crafted piece of SL art, and well worth the price. There is actually someone selling bikes on Marketplace for L$29000 (that’s NZ$156)… and they don’t even have an in-world store where you can view them; this seems pretty outrageous to me, but, hey, if they’re actually selling them, though how much better than Seri’s L$4000 bike they could be, I have my doubts, then; good luck to them.