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Alice’s Baby WIP


This is what I’m currently working on. This is Creaturina as only Alice knows her; soft, gentle, and loving… as apposed to hard, vicious, and lethal, which is how the world, except for those she protects, know/knows her (:

Pilot WIP’s 2 & 3


Almost finished my sweet Pilot (:

Because she is the product of genetic engineering, the Pilot is beautiful, and physically perfect… something she is completely unaware of. All she has ever known, for two hundred years, is the ship she and the military AI she is interfaced with, control. The ship is called Scythe of Terra. The Scythe is a Horror Class battleship, the only one in it’s class, the biggest battleship the Earth Federation ever built.

The Scythe is 2 kilometers long, half a kilometer wide, half a kilometer deep. She weighs 600,000 tons. She has a crew of 30,000 humans, 500 ‘terminals’, 50 Ninja Class battle mechs, and one Pilot. She carries 50,000 Brute Class battle mechs, and 2000 battle drones. She is armed to the teeth with electromagnetic railguns, laser cannons, displacers, missiles, photon beams and chemical powered solid projectile launchers. She has an FTL drive with multiple redundancy, and is capable of jumping through hyperspace. The Pilot loves hyperspace, she hears the song of the universe while she is piloting through hyperspace… she loves that song. That song loves her, too, though that’s another story.

Pilot WIP’s 1&2


Yay! I have regained enthusiasm for my Pilot. As you can see, I’m running with clothed, and staying with the ridged suit. Love it when I work through a block and the result is something I like. Love my Pilot, now. Here are some more details about her:

She has never been outside her protective environment. Not physically. Every one of her 30,000 strong crew complement has a haptic implant, which not only enables the pilot to feel everything each of them does, but to see and hear everything they do, in real time… all of them at once. She also has 500 ‘terminals’, android replica’s of herself, who live and work among the crew, she not only sees, hears and experiences everything each of them does, also in real time, but she controls each one of them as an individual. Their job is to help/protect the crew, as well as run the ship… they are not necessarily officers, though some are. She also controls thousands of independent battle drones, destroyer-sized warships in their own right, though, as they only ever have her terminals as crew, they are several times faster/more maneuverable than a human-crewed destroyer, and have vastly more destructive weapons which, as they require no shielding/containment, can be run harder/hotter/faster than similar weapons on a human crewed ship.

Beyond her protective shell, is another, sealed/shielded shell, stretching 50 meters in every direction from her shell. This space is totally empty, and filled with hard vacuum. It also contains 50 Ninja class battle mechs. These mechs are twice the size of a human, and resemble a human, except for their six arms. They are ridiculously strong, they are not only weapons themselves, but each contains multiple weapons of all kinds, from blades to plasma torches, and every kind of projectile and energy weapon in between. They are hive-minded, but also capable of individual thought. Their sole reason for existence is to protect the pilot. Their programming goes: protect the pilot, protect each other, protect yourself. The pilot has no control over them.



Pilot WIP


This is what I’m working on at the moment. She is the pilot of a gigantic war ship. Chosen for the position, while still in the womb, she has been enhanced on every level to be the human interface/operator of the ship’s AI… she can ‘see’ and ‘hear’ like a space telescope, and think and react as fast as the fastest computer. She lives in a totally shielded cocoon/womb-like space in the ship’s dead centre, floating in a liquid that can absorb everything below a direct hit from a nuclear warhead… and, even then, perhaps that, too. She has read/been taught, everything of consequence ever written about philosophy/ethics/politics/law/war/game theory; this is so she can moderate anything the AI does, at the same speed it does it.

I’m actually posting this so that I won’t give up on it, because I’m struggling with how best to clothe/or not clothe her. My first inclination was not to, because, why would she need clothes? But, if I do clothe her, it’s an opportunity to create some cool gear. The bit I thought would be the hardest, creating her holographic interface, was surprisingly easy, and fun. I love her hands, and her face, too. Just got to decide on all the rest. The ridged suit bits are just an idea, I may not run with them.


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