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Archive for April, 2012

Unreal Reality

This is 40 images stitched together in fabulous photomerge.

Some odd glitches, but they are part of the process and I

like leaving them in.


Look Up

If you go around always looking at the ground, you miss a lot.

Industrial Scene

Nine images stitched together in photomerge. I love photomerge!

Commercial Scene

Power Cut

Emergency lighting in a power cut… cool being in a

big, empty institutional building on the 4th floor when

everything goes off and the emergency stuff comes on.


This is my favorite photography subject at the moment.

This is 22 photos stitched, almost seamlessly, into one

using Photoshops amazing photomerge program. I say

almost seamlessly… there is one glaring oddity, but I

really like it.

Concentrate (sketch)

We (my honours class) have an exhibition in 3 weeks.

The exhibition title is Concentrate.

This is my rough (done in gorgeous Photoshop) for the

560mm x 700mm acrylic paintingĀ i have just started.

It’s fun to be painting again.