illustration is art


For my Degree Project (the big, showcase last assignment) last year

I did an illustrated book called ‘Creaturina’ which gave a short intro

on my baby to those who did not already know her. Here are some

of the illustrations.

Once, in someones past, perhaps yours, there was a Creaturina. It is very unlikely you ever met her, though, because if you had you would not be reading this story, you would be dead. Creaturina came from nightmare. Whether from The Land of Nightmare, or from your nightmares, possibly even your dreams, or from the nightmares I used to have before I turned 25 and simply stopped having them, it does not matter. The nightmare from whence she came could be the darkest Jungian prophecy of collective strangeness, the darkness that shifts like thick black ink just below the surface of the thin veneer of evolved behaviour we all manifest, or most of us do. Lets just say she came from a dark place that would destroy our minds should we ever be exposed to it. How she got here from there is any ones guess and not the subject of this story.


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