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Wallace Bottle

I found this beautiful bottle on the beach this afternoon! I am an inveterate collector of such items, but this is by far the most pristine, gorgeous old bottle I have ever found. It was obviously waiting for me, it was just lying on the surface, almost as clean as you see it here… I love that shit! I looked up W S Wallace Chemist Wellington, and the only stuff I could find was from between 1901 and 1936, so this bottle is conceivably 100 years old, and I found it today on a freshly scoured riverbank (lots of rain upriver recently) in Whanganui, which is 196 km by land from Wellington, slightly less in a straight line by sea, and it’s in mint condition! What are the odds? That it would be unburied in perfect condition on the afternoon I go for a walk, still there after days of raging high water? Absolutely made my day! (:


Cutest Killer

My favorite diminutive, foul-mouthed ass-kicker… and my 3rd effort with Corel Painter, ¬†which I totally LOVE! I think I’m getting a feel for it!

Coeur De Pirate

My second Corel Painter effort… the very cute Coeur de pirate.

Replicant Noir

My first little Painter painting! (does little dance) I am a convert, Corel! I still have little idea what I’m doing with painter, but I’ll get there… anyway, here is Rachael proving that smoking can be glamorous. I am very pleased with this and look forward to getting better at it soon (:

Nearing Completion

Damn, I’m loving this! I am using the ‘soft wet acrylic’ brush for this, but to me the result looks more like a drawing, but, hey, who cares!?, it’s looking fabulous! I will almost certainly buy this software.

I watched Blade Runner last night, I’ve lost count of how often I’ve seen it, it’s one of my favorite movies. I’ve been listening to Blade Runner by Vangelis on constant rotation for hours, so I’m really in a smoke-filled, fabulous filtered light and strange, sad future sort of mood. I realised last night that the time setting for Blade Runner is seven years from now! I watched Blade Runner at the movies when it first came out in 1982, it was a seminal event for me, it seemed like such a plausible future yet, like all the plausible SF futures, it just has not happened… advanced robotics, off-world colonies, flying cars… will those things ever happen? I’m beginning to suspect not.

Holiday Fun

I downloaded a 30 day free trial of Corel Painter 12 to play with during my mid-year break. I’ve never used it before, and have only started playing with digital painting in Photoshop this year, so it’s all new to me, but… WOW! This is definitely the painters digital software, totally different to Photoshop, which is not really like painting at all. This is like painting… not exactly, but close. I have chosen the very lovely Rachael from BladeRunner for my first try at this. This is where she’s at at the moment, after a few hours work. I have no idea how any of this works, it’s similar to Photoshop but different enough to be annoying… it’s a learning curve! Yay, fun and challenging, that’s gotta be good for me!

Tree Of Thought

Ok, I’ve exhausted the re-manipulation of ‘The Visitor’, but, hey, I had a hell of a good run from it!