illustration is art

Wallace Bottle

I found this beautiful bottle on the beach this afternoon! I am an inveterate collector of such items, but this is by far the most pristine, gorgeous old bottle I have ever found. It was obviously waiting for me, it was just lying on the surface, almost as clean as you see it here… I love that shit! I looked up W S Wallace Chemist Wellington, and the only stuff I could find was from between 1901 and 1936, so this bottle is conceivably 100 years old, and I found it today on a freshly scoured riverbank (lots of rain upriver recently) in Whanganui, which is 196 km by land from Wellington, slightly less in a straight line by sea, and it’s in mint condition! What are the odds? That it would be unburied in perfect condition on the afternoon I go for a walk, still there after days of raging high water? Absolutely made my day! (:


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