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Narrative 4

This is the 3rd iteration of narrative 2.

Based on excellent feedback from my very clever classmates, I have made several changes.

The objective here is, using sequential graphic narrative combined with text, to convey sophisticated data to an unsophisticated demographic. It was pointed out by my classmates and a tutor that they had no idea who the middle duo were, so I have branded these particularly noxious creatures so that those who do not know who they are and, lets face it, the target demographic don’t have a clue, can look them up and, hopefully, learn just what scum they are and what their obscene agenda is. I have also branded the most recognisable of the three characters here with his main quality which, again, the target demographic are probably unaware of. I have also spelled out the blatant military nature of the modern american law industry in the hope that the target demographic will realise the police are now used as an arm of the military industrial complex to subjugate the people and prevent them throwing off the 60 or so billionaires who now control america.



Narrative 3

Narrative 2


This is a visual thought experiment for my Honours Project. It is an exploration of the combination of sequential graphic narrative combined with text. Graphics on their own activate the right brain, text alone activates the left brain, combined they activate the whole brain and produce a potentially greater power to convey meaning. Text (alphabetic script) is a left brain abstraction not based in concrete reality, graphic (pictographic) script is a right brain activity based on representation of concrete reality, and, as such, a far more pragmatic thought process that does not deal in abstraction. The combination of text and graphics can produce a powerful shorthand that is a combination of both processes.

I am interested in the potential for sequential graphic narrative to convey complex ideas.


Bgoods Progress

This is probably as far as I’ll get till next weekend… really pleased with the patterns on the dresses! I’m working from a crap low res image, some details are very hard to see, like the feather thing in Frazey’s hair, as well as her banjo strings and pegs… in fact, not knowing anything about banjo’s, I’ve had to research them (that’s how I now know they have ‘pegs’) so I don’t embarrass myself trying to guess what the blurred bits actually look like. I also now know that Frazey has a 5th string capo on her banjo! I hope to be able to do a reasonable reproduction of how her banjo should look (:

I Lied

I lied! I am so in love with Corel Painter (and painting!) that I cannot, now, stop playing. Even though semester two has started and the work load is ramping up, I cannot stop myself from starting another painting that is just for me. This is the sketch for my next painting. It is the heart-wrenchingly awesome trio The Be Good Tanyas. I have never painted three people before. Also, Samantha’s dress (on left) is tiny polca dots, and Trish’s dress (middle) is a floral print pattern! Not to mention the strings and things of a guitar and a banjo! It’s going to be epic at a time when I have no time for epic un-school-related-shit… bring it on!

I am thrashing the Be Good Tanyas while I do this… if you have not heard them, and love gorgeous-voiced folk/country/bluegrass girl trios, I highly recommend you look them up! They will shred and steal your heart.

Reactor Down