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The Future


Last night, aliens took me back to the 60’s and showed me the future… it looked like this! I don’t think I understood what they were trying to tell me…


Cal & Em

This is an acrylic painting I did of my son and his then girlfriend, Emily, in 2008.

Bill & Sook

This is 4 years old… when True Blood first came out I totally loved the first two seasons, haven’t seen the rest, looked like it kind of lost the plot. Anyway, being a Kiwi, I think/thought Anna Paquin totally ruled! This is pencil, something I used to do, but haven’t done for, well, 4 years!

Friday 24th August 2012


Couldn’t think of a clever title! This is the awesome piece of sculpture on the new roundabout at the entrance to Whanganui. Some people hate it, but there are always haters, I love it. This is the first decent image I’ve taken of it; it’s a bit awkward to photograph as its on a busy highway intersection. This is what I love about photography, the fact that in this image you wouldn’t know there were trucks and cars roaring around me almost ┬áconstantly, it’s the same place, but here, in photoland, it is quite and contemplative and just plain gorgeous!

In The Spotlight


Finding yesterdays photo made me remember this one from 3 years ago. I saw this guy (actually more likely a girl) motionless here in the dark, and calmly went and got a big flashlight and came back and she was still there, so I set the light up on her and also used a flash, and this is the result… she’s actually a much darker brown, but looks a beautiful golden brown in the torch beam. She’s a wolf spider.

Clothesline Spider

I just found this while doing an exhaustive search for an entirely different photo… I took this a year ago; it’s a beautiful wolf spider on a wire clothesline. I took this with my trusty Sanyo Xacti… it’s a classic case of photographs telling lies; the spider is not really this colour, it is a soft brown in reality, but because I was looking straight up at a fairly bright sky, in compensating for the brightness, my little Xacti has done something fabulous with the colours of the spider. I love most spiders (: