illustration is art

Countess Creaturina


This is what I am working on for my printmaking class. I am not very experienced at silk-screen printing, and I’ve done this with far to many shades of grey. I also had lots of blended colours in it originally, but have spent hours going over it and making everything a solid colour… her lips, for example, which is just not how I would normally do them, and even if the prints come out ok, I will go over them and hand-paint her lips properly. Now I have to go over this whole painting again and reduce it to about five colours, which is several less than is here at the moment. I just felt like posting this at this stage because I’ve been working on it for hours and hours, dumbing it down because I made it too clever to start with in my enthusiasm. Not sure about the typography, but it will be something like it is here.

So, this is Creaturina about a thousand years after we last saw her, in about 1000 CE, ruling her own kingdom, which I have placed somewhere in Lithuania. I really enjoyed researching and creating her clothing which, of course, is nothing like what a Lithuanian countess from 1000 CE would have worn… it’s a hybrid of Edwardian, Victorian, a bit of goth and a hint of Prussian and Hussar.


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