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Sky Palette Exhibition


As part of my Exhibition Design class, I have been creating a pre-exhibition ‘teaser’ exhibition for our (my Honours class) end of year exhibition. I have been doing this in Placebo Gallery in Second Life. The pictures above are how it’s looking now. Our exhibition is going to be called Palette, as in the artists palette, but our logo and some of the collateral design is based on a pallet, which is a portable wooden platform. This is a play on words and images, we are saying our exhibition is a platform for our artistic/design creativity, but also that our exhibition is portable, which is how we have designed it, as we still do not have a definite exhibition space, but do have a few ‘potential’ spaces.

Hence all the imagery of pallets. The images above are photo’s I took of my classmates making a short film of… a pallet! A pallet in a dark, derelict warehouse at night. We are also playing on the 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith theme. So, here, on a platform 4000 meters in the sky above Placebo Gallery, you will be able to walk down an aisle of images documenting the making of the short film, then at the end of the sky platform, there is a monolith-like object with a Mac set in it where, once the film is finished, you’ll be able to watch it!



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