illustration is art

There Once Was A Countess

This is going to be the first of the 3 images for my Honours project. This one was going to be it, I’ve spent at least 24 hours on it over the last 3 days (I’m not one of those two-hour painting dudes…), and really love it, but I discovered when I was getting ready to post this, that somehow, when I was putting the background in, the file went from 150dpi at 590mm x 840mm to 72dpi at 1,220mm x 1,750mm! I’m too sad and tired to work out quite what that means, but I suspect it means about 8 hours of work down the tubes and having to do it all again… how much fun will that be!? Anyway, I’m loving how Creatuie is developing, and no amount of tragic file size screw-ups can take that away from me! (:


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