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Reversed Death Poem


Poolside Dreams


Printmaking today (:


Clouds and the River



The third image, Archetype, pretty much done! This is what happens when heavily armed, superior numbers attempt to take Creaturina out of play… they all die hideously and very messily  in a matter of seconds. She no longer enjoys doing this stuff, but she has her people to protect now. I really look forward to, when my Honours year and it’s concomitant work load, are over in two weeks time, beginning the graphic novel of my Creatuie. The potential for dynamic imagery in her narrative is huge! I can’t wait to illustrate scenes like this, with her actually doing the damage to entire armies in a blur of silent, horror-enducing fury. Imagine being these guys, feeling invincible in huge groups armed with the latest tech and doing their gods will, raping, murdering and torturing in their gods name, with their attitude to woman, and they come up against the Countess Creaturina. Unfortunately, none of them will live to learn from their mistake, but imagine the last seconds of their lives, as they go from being the baddest mother fuckers on the block, to screaming in fear as someone who moves so fast they can’t even see her rips their friends apart through their armour as though it didn’t exist!

I seriously love my Creaturina. I have told my tutors this… they think I’m joking, but I’m not. I always fall in love with my creations, I think that’s what keeps me devoted to them. I did an illustrated book of Creaturina for my Degree Project, and the dedication read: For Creaturina… I know you’re out there and I love you. The world needs a Creaturina, a beautiful, alien visitor, trapped here, immortal and nearly invincible, who can see what idiots most men are, and can actually do something about them if they piss her off. Someone who just wants to live her life, but can kick ass with such ferocity she’d make most hard men cry. I wish she was out there. And isn’t that the artists place?; to envisage and create such archetypes as the Countess Creaturina?


Clouds and Wires

Work Station Procrastination


Look… instead of working on my stuff, I’m taking pictures of me not working on my stuff! I’m getting too easily distracted!

A bit of Sunday morning frivolity… back to work! (:

Female Saviour Archetype A3 Tests Triptych

I just did three test prints of my almost finished final images. The finals will be A1, so the files are A1 (huge!). It costs around $40 a print at that size! No way a poor student can just print off a few to see if they look ok. The colour printer at school prints A3 maximum size at 40 cents each. I made A3 size crops from the A1 files, and printed them to make sure they would look great when bigger… probably should have done this a lot earlier as, had they turned out crap I’d be well and truly stuffed at this stage. Anyway, they turned out fabulous! Which is a relief, because I’ve had a few problems with mysteriously changing file sizes and just plain losing track of stuff… working between Photoshop and Corel Painter and having many changed versions of each image, as well as having several other Honours level papers to do at the same time, I just lose track of critical stuff. Anyhow, it’s all looking great!

These are the cropped images. They pretty much tell the story: happy, content Creatuie, doing her own thing – bad religious fanatic invader – Creatuie forced to revert to her very scary nature.