illustration is art

Palette Aesthetic

Our show was called Palette. We used pallets as our plinths, and made seats from cut up pallets for people to use while viewing the two screen based exhibits.

We chose pallets to create an aesthetic that matched the industrial nature of the space we held our exhibition in, and because we loved the word play of palette/pallet. The easels complimented the pallet plinths as a means of displaying the work by those of us that had printed images to display. Another consideration of our aesthetic, and one that perfectly fit the description of pallets as being moveable platforms, was that for a while it looked like we might not get our exhibition space, so we wanted to have an exhibition we could easily move, and one that didn’t need walls to hang work on, hence the easels. The pallet plinths have sanded customwood tops which have 4mm perspex on them, this created just the right degree of elegance to lift the aesthetic above grunge, which anyone can do. We called this look Swiss Palette (:

This is Dylan’s exhibit. Dylan designs video game environments. To the right is Max’s exhibit… Max does etheric stuff with words and meaning… I think.


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