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Last Stand

Last Stand


“Is that all you’ve got!?” screams Alice, her voice thick with her own blood “I’ve known hares with more courage!”

It is eleven months after Alice left home, she is nearly nineteen. She has carved a bloody trail across Europe in those eleven months. She has fought in battles and skirmishes, she has had many adventures, she is a seasoned adventuress. She is now just inside Lithuania, near the Baltic Sea, and her luck has run out. Cornered in a dead-end valley by a gang of murderous cut-throats, she managed to kill sixteen of them before the remaining eight retreated out of range of her lethal blade and continued to shoot arrows at her. She is mortally wounded, out of bullets and can barely stand up. She knows she is about to pass out from blood-loss, and it makes her cross, because there is so much she still wants to do, most of all she wants to kill the cowards over there with the bows. She is thinking this when she loses consciousness and begins to collapse, her strong legs no-longer able to hold her up. Because she is busy passing out, she does not see an astonishing thing happen…

A white blur blasts through the eight cut-throats in an explosion of their own blood and entrails. Even as the last bandit is collapsing, the white shape blurs to an impossibly sudden stop just in time to catch the falling Alice. Earths only true immortal, the Countess Creaturina, looks down at the beautiful, ferocious, golden eyed child unconscious in her arms, and falls head over heals in love for the first time in her extremely long life, with the sister/daughter she never realised she always wanted. Holding Alice even closer, Creaturina leans down and picks up the child’s beautiful, deadly blade, then becomes a blur again and her and Alice are gone.


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