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Alice 3 To Get Away Painting WIP

Alice 3 To Get Away Painting WIP

So far… totally happy! Ally already has that look of smoldering malevolence I feel I so successfully captured with the digital original. Experience tells me she will look stunningly more malevolent once I add shading. I spent years developing a black and white style with my acrylic painting because I sucked at colour, something that totally changed when I discovered the joy of digital painting in Photoshop/Corel, suddenly, colour mixing was not a problem! Digital caused me to develop a liking for colour. The way I plan to get around this with these paintings is to do them in my trademark black and white style, which will establish the tone, then overpaint them with colour. I have never tried this before, but feel it is within my skill range… the way I use acrylic is to apply many transparent layers of black and white to get the final result. I have no experience with watercolour, but feel I use acrylic more like watercolour than an opaque medium, acrylic is a stunningly versatile medium. I have never tried this concept with colour, but see no reason it shouldn’t work… that’s the plan, anyway (:


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  1. Should work splendidly. The method you have described has been used for centuries by classical painters, so there’s no reason to question whether it can be done successfully. I paint in oils, and also use them more like watercolor–thin transparent layers. You will have fun with this!

    May 11, 2013 at 8:36 pm

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