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Alice 3 To Get Away Painting WIP2

Alic 3 To Get Away Painting WIP2

Tightening, tightening… I love this process; it’s like carving something sharp out of something fuzzy.  Ally is emerging from the fuzz. I’d forgotten, but quickly re-learned, the need for bold actions as apposed to feeble, frightened actions… I think that’s a meaningful statement about life in general; I used to contract prune apple trees and something you soon learn, as time and results are money, is that bold, decisive cuts are faster and better than lots of fiddly, conservative cuts… same with painting, I feel, too scared to make decisive changes equals: no changes. Although I have a degree in graphic design (with honours!) and my thing is illustration, I am entirely self-taught artistically (the nature of the degree I did was that you teach yourself everything and they give you a degree!) and this kind of knowledge about painting was hard-comeby, but so worth it! Anyway, my sweet Ally progresses apace, and rewardingly and just plain fun.

Anyone who follows my blog and actually reads anything I say will know I actually say very little about myself apart from my obvious artistic interests, so I thought I might open up fractionally more and say: I adore music, and have extremely eclectic tastes which span 54 years of exposure and 40 years of active taste development. Music is an integral part of my creative process, so I thought I might share my playlist for this painting, I made a few cd’s I have been thrashing and loving while doing 3 to get away, this is what’s on them:

Upholstery: Beach Bums

Rock’n’Roll Is King: Electric Light Orchestra

D’yer Mak’er: Sheryl Crow

Rockoria!: Electric Light Orchestra

Excitable Boy: Warren Zevon

Savage Silk: Suzi Quatro

Someday We’ll Be Together: Diana Ross & The Supremes

Bird Of Paradise: Frazey Ford

1,000 Years: The Corin Tucker Band

My Shit’s Fucked Up: Warren Zevon

Guilty As Sin: Kasey Chambers

Slut: Daniella’s Daze (Daniella Porsius)

Rock & Roll: Rasputina

Jolene: Queen Adreena (Katie Jane Garside)

All These Things That I’ve Done: The Killers

Tomorrow, Wendy (Live): Concrete Blonde (Johnette Napolitano)

Saint Judas: Natalie Merchant

Born Secular: Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins

Rain Roll In: Eilen Jewell

Rave On: Steeleye Span

Taxicab Messiah: Kidney Thieves

Bury My Heart: Tanya Donelly

Sweet Little Cherokee: K D Lang

July Waits: Sophie Zelmani

Bone House: The Dead Weather

Dolphins: Eddi Reader

San Andreas Fault: Natalie Merchant

Tiger In The Night: Katie Malua

Sweet Jane: Cowboy Junkies (Margot Timmons)

Whiter Shade Of Pale: Sarah Brightman

Wild Horses: Tre Lux

Shotgun Down The Avalanche: Shawn Colvin

Travelling: Sophie Zelmani

Just Like Heavan: The Watson Twins


4 responses

  1. I read it. 😉

    May 12, 2013 at 5:50 am

  2. Good Morning Chris, its wonderful for me to virtually meet you a little more 🙂 I love your work, as you know and i can totally relate to the way you approach your painting. The watery building blocks is my preference too. I may have done graphic design at college but I’m pretty much self taught with painting, I think its a great way to explore the mediums, even if it takes longer to develope. I can feel your excitement 🙂 she is looking beautiful! As Wonderful as digital is, its so important to have a tactile painting experience to balance it out. I’m really enjoying watching the progress. Take care -C

    May 13, 2013 at 9:01 am

    • I love the fact I developed her digitally and am now iterating her physically… I am a total digital convert, how could I not be, knowing it’s potential, but still love physical painting; the fact I cannot go cmnd/z whenever I make a mistake just makes it more of an exercise in mindfulness. Thanks for the feedback, Cari-Ann (:

      May 13, 2013 at 8:45 pm

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