illustration is art

Alien Angel

Alien Angel

I did this, and the next one I’m going to post, a few years ago. I thought I’d posted them here, but I had not. I wanted to do a third one, and it was while searching my well over 1TB of stored files, for this one (so I could use the angel again), not being able to find it, I tried to find it here, to get the date, and discovered it wasn’t here, had to find it on my dA account, get the date, then search my hardrive…blah, blah. Anyway, found it and the next one, and am posting them right now. I love this series.

This is three acrylic paintings, the background, the angel and her wings, scanned/photographed, taken into magic photoshop and magiced into the above. I only had to paint one wing, then duplicate/mirror it in photoshop (:


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