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Opulent Baroque

Opulent Baroque

I have just uploaded some new textures for my gallery (Placebo Gallery) in Second Life. All the textures in/on Placebo Gallery are my own creations… I don’t do 3D, so obviously, things like the table sculpture behind Seraphim were not made by me, but the texture on it is mine. I have extremely limited 3D/building skills in SL, but the gallery is totally my creation. I find it very hard to make nice textures, there is a skill I have not been able to deduce, yet, in creating just the right amount of stylised realism, without too much realism. I’ve tried studying the work of some of the better, awesome texture artist’s in SL (E&D Engineering, Skye and Starship Jefferson) but could never really crack their technique secrets. One thing I have learned is to keep it really simple, too much detail is, well, too much detail. That’s why these two new textures totally break my own rules! The one on the side of the gallery is imaginatively titled PAA34cropped , and the one on the walls behind Seraphim is called Opulent Baroque. Most of the textures I use in Seraphim’s private space are, actually, pretty complex, as apposed to the fairly safe one’s in the gallery… that’s also because you actually want fairly bland walls behind the art, it’s the art you are showing, not the walls.

PAA34cropped was created by manipulating my latest work Apocalyptic Angel, and Opulent Baroque was created by further manipulating the background to Nano Plague Two.   


2 responses

  1. Yay! Isn’t it fun to focus in on something like this. Pearl wants to check this out soon.

    July 19, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    • To me, SL is like another dimension of the internet, it’s not just another thing on the internet, it’s more like another place in the internet; I can post art on my blog, but I can take the same art into SL, and it’s like I’ve made it more solid/real, even though they are both just pixels on a screen. In some ways the art becomes more real than it is in the real world, because in the real world, most of it is on a screen, whereas in SL it can be on the side of a twenty meter high building, or on 4 meter high canvas on a wall, in that building. As you say, it’s a lot of fun.

      July 19, 2013 at 8:56 pm

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