illustration is art

Trickster Sprite

Trickster Sprite


‘Is this what you’re looking for?’ she asks, in a voice like rustling leaves and wind-chimes. She appears delicate and frail… she is neither, she is far stronger than you, and could easily physically over-power you, but that is not her way; she is a trickster. Sprites have been tricking humans since human time began, giving the already ancient sprites something to do. They know all our weaknesses. Don’t ask why they delight in manipulating weak mortals, it’s just what they do, although, sometimes their trickery is beneficial to the victim, mostly it is not; they are capricious creatures.

Of course, there is nothing in her hand. Depending on your need or your susceptibility to manipulative magic, you will see whatever you desire, be it fame, fortune or power. If you do see anything in her hand, you are doomed.


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