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Chloe WIP

Chloe WIP

Soooo… leaping from an ambitious project to… an even more ambitious one! This is going to be a painting of the heart-wrenchingly gorgeous, and hugely talented, Chloe Moretz. I adore Chloe, ever since seeing her in Kick Ass, which she totally owned, making the lead character look like a dick… oh, hang on, he was a pathetic dick, wasn’t he. What cinched my adoration and admiration of her talent, was seeing her in Hugo and Let Me In, which are poles apart, with Kick Ass in the middle, in terms of content/audience demographic. She has gone from cute girl with a quirky smile to drop-dead gorgeous teenager (with a quirky smile), yet has maintained her honest charm. Long may she rein!

I have already done a painting of Chloe as Hit Girl, here, called Cutest Killer. It was my third attempt at Corel Painter, and I was very pleased with it. This one will be done entirely with beautiful Photoshop CS5. If you google ‘Chloe Moretz Interview Magazine’ (images), you will see several versions of the image I am using for this. This is a stunning photo of Chloe, that looks nothing like the Chloe we’d previously seen… she is doing more and more of these spreads that showcase her ‘adult’ look. Anyway, what will be super challenging to do, will be her top… eek! I have learned that I can do things this complex/difficult, but that I have to chip away at them, and that they will start off looking like shit. So, heres the starting rough.


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