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The Change



Another photomanipulation using dA stock  (:


Bad Things Out Tonight



I think this is the first manipulated stock model image I’ve ever posted here… used to do a lot of them back in the day on dA; that early stuff makes me cringe, but it’s how I got here. The image I used for this is here.

As this blog was started to showcase my graphic design skills, I tend to post designerly versions of stuff here, if you want to see the less designerly version at dA, it’s here.

Journey To The Center Of The Id


I did this listening to the astonishingly gorgeous music Coeur De Pirate has created for the video game, Child Of Light. I had no idea she was so damned talented! Really beautiful music, really huge music. She needs to forget being a pop singer and do more of this amazing, amazing, amazing composing!

The Sorceress In Spite Of Herself



Rallying her flagging strength and will, the lost sorceress causes the chaotic forces around her to coalesce into an energy source she can use to get back home.