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Hello Dinner


Evolving my style (:


Born Again


After a life-changing event, a small-town, bible belt girl sets out for the big city to convert some big city folk.

Bad Things Out Tonight; Reworked Detail


I totally adore this bad thing, adore her eyes, her strength of scary detachment, her hidden/not-so-hidden deadliness/deadness… had to do a reworked detail, just for the sake of those fabulous eyes (:

Seri At Wolves Land Art Center


This post by RiverPearl caused me to send my lovely Seri to the restful Wolves Land Art Center, where I took this snap of her doing her lovely thing (:

Demonic Regard


You have managed to amuse/bemuse a demon… this may mean she will not harm you… or not.

Chrystal Chan

If you want to see awesome painting skill and gorgeous, strange girls (my favorite kind), go look at Chrystal Chan’s blog!

Hungry Dead Girl


Yep, she’s another scary lovely (: