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The Second-to-Last Thing


Be they human, demon, vampire, giant insane grizzly bear, or any other kind of being wishing to do harm to the humans under the protection of the Countess Creaturina, should they happen to glance up, this is the second-to-last thing they ever usually see. If, in their stunned surprise or disbelief, they actually look into her eyes and register what they see there in that final split second, it only stuns them more. What they see there is not the slightest sign of fear, or doubt, or hesitation — what they see is pure, focused intent; un-stoppable, irrevocable intent, and they are it’s focus. There is nothing personal here, they have crossed a point of no return, and Creaturina is acting accordingly.

This is the second-to-last thing they usually ever see. The last thing is usually what their own insides look like once they have been, in the next instant, catastrophically, permanently removed from inside them.

I attempted to portray this scene, just over two years ago, here. It warms my heart to see, not only how spectacularly my technique/style has improved, but to see that I made the right decision buying Poser 10. I simply could not find, then, a reference to illustrate what I wanted to illustrate, and had to cobble together a couple of reference images, and still invent some of the pose, and the result was far less than I’d hoped. The above is exactly what I’d visualised… exactly!




I got sick of never having decent reference images for the kinds of poses I need for Creatuie — so I bought myself Poser 10 for xmas (:

I’ve always thought of Poser as dolls-by-numbers for people who can’t paint or draw, and, to a huge extent that’s exactly what most people do with it. That’s not to say people don’t produce stunning work with it, they do. But it’s always seemed like something I wasn’t that interested in. It never occurred to me until a sudden, very recent epiphany, that it’s most simple function was arranging dolls— in any pose you want. You don’t have to create diorama’s using pre-made dogs, trees, robots and spaceships, or dress them in schoolgirl uniforms, or give them balloon-sized breasts, or all the other silly shit a lot of people seem to do with them.

It’s not easy to learn, it took me a full day and much muttering and fuming to create the pose above. Of course, the above image is all my own work, using the pose as a reference. But… in theory, once I’ve gained a better grasp of it, I’ll be able to actually create Creatuie and Alice dolls, which I will be able to pose any damned, spectacular way I want! Not to mention any number of demons and bad guys for the girls to kick around! Looking forward to the learning curve (I’m on leave for another two weeks!). After the whole previous day, and much of the night, then several hours this morning spent struggling to create this cool pose, it was pure damned bliss to export it into my gorgeous, beloved Photoshop and slap this together in only a few hours without any stress and much joy!

Creatuie is doing what she does best — watching over her humans (:


Tranquil Centre





The Going Looks Real Fine


I love the dark, but I choose life! Live it, guys, it’s all we’ve got.

Further Down the Xmas Spiral


Love the dark view (:

Xmas Day


Glorious, Southern hemisphere Xmas day.

Wishing you all peace and whatever joy you can find (: