illustration is art

Frightened… but Hopeful


This girl woke one morning, about two months ago, and everyone was gone. Not just her mum and dad, but her annoying little brother, as well as her kitten, Mr Frog. But it wasn’t just them, it was everyone, every living thing, everywhere. Gone. She was totally alone in a silent, empty new world. A world become strange, and becoming slowly stranger. Everything was getting vaguer, greyer, foggier. Recently she’s started hearing strange, distant noises, like laughter, or crying, rustling and chattering. She’s been on edge and quite frightened for so long, now, she can’t really think properly.

Where is everyone?

Just now, she saw, for the first time in months, what looked like people in the fog.

She is very scared, but also hopeful, she’s been so lonely. They are coming closer, she can’t quite make them out. They seem to be laughing quietly… between other noises.

She’s getting ready to say hi….

Totally loving Poser 10! The range of facial expressions and hand gestures is infinite, only limited to how long you want to spend on them! I’m a total novice, still struggling to use the software, and it’s as buggy as Coral Painter, which irritates the crap out me, but I can already produce this level of result after only a few weeks at most of effort, admittedly, almost constant effort, as I’m on holiday at the moment… but I’m totally hooked, as I can see the fantastic potential here. Half the work in this image was done in Photoshop (glorious Photoshop, my first, and truest digital love), for instance, I created her top entirely from scratch. Also, Poser does have a tendency, sometimes, to stunningly light and shade creases and folds on the models body which simply do not exist on real humans, they are literally like the folds you would get from bending the limbs of a rubber doll… so I have to remove those. Poser also lights the inside of the models mouth! Theres probably a way to stop that, but, as I say, I’ve barely scratched the surface, yet. It took me years to get to my current, amateur level in Photoshop.

There’s always a narrative running in my head when I create my images, and this one was so compelling I included it here, and am thinking of continuing it (:


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