illustration is art


Angry Kara WIP


I am enjoying Supergirl. The instant I saw this scene, I had to paint it! This is a very angry Kara Zor-El, in an episode that deals with, among other things, the recently outed Supergirl’s anger issues. She is in the process of blowing a very bad robot to atoms… she channels all the pent-up rage she’s been holding back about the loss of her family/planet, to defeat a particularly tough opponent. And, in fact, tries so hard she accidentally drains her own powers for a few days, so she gets, in the next episode, to cut her finger, catch a cold, and break her arm. Love it! And, of course, she’s just so damned cute!

To get the awesome texture on her top, I photographed the top of a 3V Lithium Cell battery, which had the exact pattern I needed, then took it into glorious Photoshop CS5, and made it into a tiled texture, which i then desaturated, then placed over her top, and set to ‘multiply’ Really pleased with it (:


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