illustration is art


Skinbyrd WIP’s 4&5



Almost finished beautiful Skinbyrd.

On final 3rd of my creative process, the most fun part, doing all the fine detail/small detail. I’m always totally in love with these girls (SuicideGirls) by the time I’ve spent tens of hours familiarising myself with every detail of their gorgeous faces. Mind you, it’s not just these girls, it’s any female I paint, I think it’s how I can spend so much time on my creations… Creaturina and Alice, for instance… I adore those girls!

I really enjoy getting their feedback (the SuicideGirls, not Creatuie and Alice… they’ve not yet gotten back to me ), makes it all worthwhile. This one is the first SuicideGirl portrait I’ve done as a request from the model, normally I don’t do requests, just portraits of the girls (woman) that take my fancy (I always have several lined up). In fact, as a member of the Fanart group on SG, the rules are that the girls/woman don’t ask for portraits… of course, they do. I normally just ‘like’ their requests and ignore them, but… Skinbyrd is exactly my kind of portrait model; not photoshopped beautiful, just really/real-ly beautiful…so, here we are… Skinbyrd from Argentina (:


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