illustration is art


Pilot WIP


This is what I’m working on at the moment. She is the pilot of a gigantic war ship. Chosen for the position, while still in the womb, she has been enhanced on every level to be the human interface/operator of the ship’s AI… she can ‘see’ and ‘hear’ like a space telescope, and think and react as fast as the fastest computer. She lives in a totally shielded cocoon/womb-like space in the ship’s dead centre, floating in a liquid that can absorb everything below a direct hit from a nuclear warhead… and, even then, perhaps that, too. She has read/been taught, everything of consequence ever written about philosophy/ethics/politics/law/war/game theory; this is so she can moderate anything the AI does, at the same speed it does it.

I’m actually posting this so that I won’t give up on it, because I’m struggling with how best to clothe/or not clothe her. My first inclination was not to, because, why would she need clothes? But, if I do clothe her, it’s an opportunity to create some cool gear. The bit I thought would be the hardest, creating her holographic interface, was surprisingly easy, and fun. I love her hands, and her face, too. Just got to decide on all the rest. The ridged suit bits are just an idea, I may not run with them.


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