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Pilot WIP’s 2 & 3


Almost finished my sweet Pilot (:

Because she is the product of genetic engineering, the Pilot is beautiful, and physically perfect… something she is completely unaware of. All she has ever known, for two hundred years, is the ship she and the military AI she is interfaced with, control. The ship is called Scythe of Terra. The Scythe is a Horror Class battleship, the only one in it’s class, the biggest battleship the Earth Federation ever built.

The Scythe is 2 kilometers long, half a kilometer wide, half a kilometer deep. She weighs 600,000 tons. She has a crew of 30,000 humans, 500 ‘terminals’, 50 Ninja Class battle mechs, and one Pilot. She carries 50,000 Brute Class battle mechs, and 2000 battle drones. She is armed to the teeth with electromagnetic railguns, laser cannons, displacers, missiles, photon beams and chemical powered solid projectile launchers. She has an FTL drive with multiple redundancy, and is capable of jumping through hyperspace. The Pilot loves hyperspace, she hears the song of the universe while she is piloting through hyperspace… she loves that song. That song loves her, too, though that’s another story.


4 responses

  1. Now all we have to do is figure out what all those circles, ellipses and numbers are all about.

    July 16, 2016 at 9:11 pm

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