illustration is art

Alice’s Baby


Alice’s Creatuie

This is the Creaturina that only Alice knows. This Creatuie is soft, gentle, and loving… though, still, slightly scary. Alice can literally make this Creatuie purr, when she brushes her amazing hair (yes, she actually purrs). Creatuie would never harm her Alice, ever, for any reason. As she is with everything she does, Creatuie is frighteningly serious about her love for Alice. So serious, she discards all her warrior, lethal, killer habits, and becomes just another loving being. She even allows her fingertips to soften, so they are no longer razor-sharp/diamond-hard. This process takes half an hour either way, making her slightly vulnerable… though, really, it just means she can’t rip things open; she’s still quite able to rip things apart. This does not, for a moment, mean she is not, still, the most formidable killer on the Earth, ever.

This creature is not a force of nature; she is a force of the Universe. When she is with Alice, she is the eye of the storm, she is a calm, soft, gentle creature, who is always, literally, seconds away from becoming a horrifically methodical, mind-numbingly perfect, blindingly fast destroyer… an appallingly efficient killer who never stops until everything, and everyone she deems a threat is dead. That’s when she stops, when they are all dead. She never forgives, and she never forgets. She never uses a weapon; she is a weapon… she uses her bare hands to rip metal and flesh apart as if it was paper. She does this so fast that even the fastest cameras struggle to record her actions.

This beautiful, alien, creature has killed tens of thousands of beings since she’s been on Earth, sometimes thousands at a time; they all deserved it. Their actions drew her to them, some of them lived long enough to regret their actions, though, not very long after that.

Creaturina doesn’t know it, but she is powered by an entire planet; her mother, Nightmare. This is where her phenomenal strength and speed come from; she never tires, she never grows weak, she simply keeps going till she knows it is time to stop. She can keep moving faster than a human can even see, until she has done what she has set out to do, which is always to terminate those she deems a threat. This is because she is a top-of-the-chain predator… that’s what she was born as, that’s what she does. She never hesitates, never feels doubt, never feels fear. She just acts.

What Creatuie doesn’t know, is that she has never operated at her full potential, actually never even operated at half her full potential. She does not know who she really is, what she really is. What she really is, is, really, god-like. If she needed to, she could literally fly, literally jump straight up, into space, and keep going. She has never felt the need to do this, so she’s never done it.

It goes without saying that you, whether a single person, or an entire nation, would be out of your mind to harm Alice. Suicidally out of your mind.


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