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Wild Thing WIP


This is what I’m working on now; another Creatuie (: I have decided that, as much as I love my photo-realistic SG babes, they are not mine, I do not own copyright on them, I can never sell them, never do anything with them. They are gorgeous, and I’m really pleased with the standard of my work on them, but it’s time to get back to my own, original art, namely, the gorgeous, scary alien countess, Creaturina. I started this blog with Creatuie, when I was still doing my degree, and had just created her. The girl has become part of me, I adore her. I have only recently become really pleased with my depiction of her… she has always been far more gorgeous in my mind than I was able to depict visually, which caused me to back off from trying to paint her. But, the last few images of her I have created have, to me, been awesome; the gorgeous, very scary creature I always wanted to portray. The perfect dichotomy, an appallingly dangerous, scary alien, with alien, predator values, who is also a tender lover, a very ‘human’ friend, and an astonishingly intelligent, wise being.

I was told by one of the tutors who marked my final degree project, which was an illustrated Creaturina book, that she was a dead-end character, as she was in-destructible, so had no story arc. He was, of course, totally correct. I have since made my girl very, very vulnerable, by making her fall totally in love with the dying, brutal, gorgeous little psychopath, Alice. Alice is Creatuie’s obvious weakness. She has others, namely the fact that all her power comes from her mother, the insane, sentient planet, Nightmare; a fact Creatuie is totally unaware of. If something happened to Nightmare, what would that mean for Creatuie? If anyone (would have to be lots of anyone’s) succeeded in killing Alice, how would Creatuie react?… badly, I’d predict. Very badly.

It has always been my ambition to create a Creaturina graphic novel, I’ve just always been too critical of my skills, despite my having evolved a vast, very rich story for her, enough to write several graphic novels. So, time to really hook into painting lots of images of my beautiful, scary girl (: