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Glyphic 2


I have imagined these glyphs as the written language of beings whose scribes are chosen for their ability to mirror-write, that is, they write with both hands, their form of what is our left-hand/right-hand variation would be that most of them work from the centre out, but that some of them go from outside left, and centre, and work across… or, the other way round. Their written language is extremely complex, with meaning derived from a combination of colour and line weight, as well as shape, and, of course, perfect symmetry.

Still playing ‘Put Your Needle Down’ almost continuously… sooo beautiful. ‘Iuka’ must be one of the saddest/most beautiful songs I’ve heard for years.




Currently thrashing ‘Put Your Needle Down’, by The Secret Sisters… fabulous stuff! iTunes lists it as ‘pop’… I don’t know if real people decide the categories on iTunes, but this absolutely is not pop! It’s way too sophisticated/intelligent/mature. Perhaps it’s alt-crossover-trad rock/country/blues? Not pop.

Wild Thing WIPS 3 & 4



So… when they first put my hand in a cast, it was a clunky plaster one, and I totally could not paint/draw. Ten days later, they took it off, to re-X-ray my hand, then they put an awesome fibreglass cast on, which is half the weight of the plaster one, and far more streamlined/elegant. The other day, I discovered I can, just barely, paint with it on… I have very little fine control, but I’ve been plugging away at finishing this picture of my baby. It is hard, irritating work, and it doesn’t take much of it to make my hand sore, but I really want to finish my lovely, scary girl, so I’ll keep trying (:

Rosie Thomas ‘When We Were Small’ is still very much at the top of my current play list… really beautiful stuff (:



It was hard to choose between the original colour version of this, or this version, which I chose because of the fabulous textures/tones/contrasts. I liked the colour version almost as much, because all this driftwood is shades of browns/orangey browns/and orange (:

This is my first photo for a long time… mainly because I cannot draw/paint, due to my hand being in a cast. Have to do something creative.

Private Collection


Seri has a huge collection of art. All of it she has purchased in SL, over her nearly seven years living there. Most of it is by artists who, for whatever reason, simply stopped selling their art in SL, most of them years ago. This is sad, because it is all real art, most of it obviously created by the artists outside SL, in real life, using their often considerable skills. This is the total opposite of the inworld photo’s of naked avatars that seem to comprise well over 50% of the ‘art’ in SL galleries today. Most of the rest seems to be ‘abstract’… read; hey, how hard can it be to slap some colour around? This is a great shame, there used to be some amazing, real art in SL.



Seri has had these gorgeous HBLYS Cube’a’cow chair/sculptures for years. She loves relaxing on them and thinking about stuff.

Seri’s Bears


Seri has a small collection of bears… they know more about her than you ever will.