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As of last Friday, I am totally unable to properly hold a stylus/pen/paintbrush, due to my right hand being in a cast that immobilises my thumb. This is due to my having broken a bone in my hand… 3.5 months ago! Yep, broke my hand, but thought it was a sprained muscle/tendon, 3.5 months ago, at work. Due to the very physical nature of my job, my hand just wouldn’t heal, but I thought it was a pulled muscle… till it just got too painful, last week, and, after seeing my doctor, who also thought it was an inflamed tendon, then a physiotherapist, who sent me for an Xray, I now have my hand in a cast for at least the next 10 days. This really sucks, I have all this time off work, and I can’t paint! So…

I thought I’d see what I could achieve holding my Wacom stylus between my middle and index fingers. This is what I did. It made my hand sore, because I’ve never used that muscle group before, but at least I’ve fed my craving to paint something (:


2 responses

  1. Sorry to hear about the injury, but I really like the results of your “experiment”.

    September 12, 2016 at 2:53 am

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