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No More Lag!


The best thing about being home from work because you have a broken hand, is your brand new iMac being delivered 3 days early! For the last several years, Second Life has been a bitter disappointment to me, due to heart-wrendingly, steadily worsening lag, to the point where I only logged in very rarely, and then only for a few minutes of excruciating, lag-ruined experience. My new iMac, which is now sharing the desk with my old one, has 4 times the RAM of the old one, and a 4 times more powerful video card and, guess what… no more lag!

Seri and I went to New Babbage, and visited some Noctis shops, places that had been impossible to even get through the door in the last few years, due to their high-prim content… actually, everywhere has been impossible to move in, in the last few years. We almost wept with joy at the effortless movement, just like back in the day!


Seri bought a new Noctis couch, to put in our gallery, then she wallowed in her new-found laglessness (:



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