illustration is art

Busy, busy…


The fun continues. For years now, there has been a tiny piece of land between Placebo Gallery and the Circuit La Corse, listed as ‘maintenance’ and ‘not for sale’. We finally did some research, and, through the correct channels, applied to purchase this 64 sqm at our doorstep. We got a reply from Bianca Linden, within hours of our request, saying the land had been offered for sale to us. Unfortunately, as it still says ‘not for sale’, we haven’t quite figured out how to buy it… but we’re looking forward to doing so, then re-modelling the facade of the gallery.


Seraphim visited Gates of Melancholy, on Pearl Grey’s¬†recommendation, and found it beautiful.


A black dog came into the gallery, but it seemed only able to shriek ‘wah!’, so we left it to roam, as it didn’t seem to want to chase the goats.


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