illustration is art

Wild Thing WIPS 3 & 4



So… when they first put my hand in a cast, it was a clunky plaster one, and I totally could not paint/draw. Ten days later, they took it off, to re-X-ray my hand, then they put an awesome fibreglass cast on, which is half the weight of the plaster one, and far more streamlined/elegant. The other day, I discovered I can, just barely, paint with it on… I have very little fine control, but I’ve been plugging away at finishing this picture of my baby. It is hard, irritating work, and it doesn’t take much of it to make my hand sore, but I really want to finish my lovely, scary girl, so I’ll keep trying (:

Rosie Thomas ‘When We Were Small’ is still very much at the top of my current play list… really beautiful stuff (:


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