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Current WIP


This is what I’m currently creating. I don’t really have a story for her, yet, just a general concept. I toyed with calling her ‘Strong Confident Woman Version X‘ (: She is some kind of space pilot, or perhaps a soldier, either way, she is highly skilled, extremely competent, and you shouldn’t mess with her (: I like how she is progressing, and it’s wonderful to be able to paint again, now that my hand is out of the cast.


Post-Apocalyptic Couture


Seraphim has extremely eclectic taste (:

Wild Thing


Finally finished my beautiful wild thing (:

In-world Camera!

I’ve never used the in-viewer camera, only ever used screen shots as my SL camera. But, today, I saw this post , by Sugarriott, on taking close-ups with the in-viewer camera, and I thought ‘why haven’t I ever used that?’ So, thanks to Sugarriott, I gave it a try…


I really enjoyed it… I think the images are slightly sharper than screen shots, but playing with the ‘photo tools’ button, something else I’ve never done, really produced some lovely images…


… so, even if I decide the camera is no sharper than a screen shot, though I think it is, I’ll still be making far more use of Windlight settings than I used to.


New Exhibit


Seraphim has just hung eight of my Suicide Girl portraits in Placebo Gallery.


They look pretty good (:


Clair de lune


Placebo Gallery got to the maximum of it’s prim allotment, recently, and we started removing stuff to make room for anything new, but that always just feels icky, and no fun, and, well, desperate. So we bought the land next to us, which quenched our insatiable prim lust for a while. It’s also the first time the gallery has been wider than 512 m2, which is awesome, and fun.

This gorgeous Noctis ‘Abandoned Piano’ is one of several things we’ve had for a while, but been unable to rez as our prim count had gotten so desperate. We have set it up behind Seri’s equally gorgeous new house. The house can be accessed from the main foyer of the gallery. We consider beautifully crafted houses, piano’s and carnival-ride horses all to be SL art, so this whole area is a walk-in instalment, really, as well as giving Seri somewhere really nice to hang out when she’s not busy in the gallery.


The piano has great pose/animations, and plays a beautiful version of Debussy’s Clair de lune.debussyclairdelune2




Seri bought a horse… admittedly, it’s a fairground, coin-operated one, but she loves it as much as if it were real. Behind her is a house she recently bought, but we just got round to setting it up. We are both looking forward to landscaping and decorating it. The horse and house are made by Culprit, who make awesome stuff, really gorgeous detailing. Seri’s got a few of their things in the gallery, too.

While she was at Culprit last time, she noticed an exquisitely made gynaecologist’s setup. It had some very dodgy poses, though, why else would you buy something like that? I’m sure there are plenty of SL deviants who would get minutes of entertainment from something like this.