illustration is art



Seri bought a horse… admittedly, it’s a fairground, coin-operated one, but she loves it as much as if it were real. Behind her is a house she recently bought, but we just got round to setting it up. We are both looking forward to landscaping and decorating it. The horse and house are made by Culprit, who make awesome stuff, really gorgeous detailing. Seri’s got a few of their things in the gallery, too.

While she was at Culprit last time, she noticed an exquisitely made gynaecologist’s setup. It had some very dodgy poses, though, why else would you buy something like that? I’m sure there are plenty of SL deviants who would get minutes of entertainment from something like this.



2 responses

  1. Ha ha–you don’t realize that she’s using that gynecologist’s setup to stretch her legs so she can get them around that dang horse…

    October 21, 2016 at 4:57 pm

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