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In-world Camera!

I’ve never used the in-viewer camera, only ever used screen shots as my SL camera. But, today, I saw this post , by Sugarriott, on taking close-ups with the in-viewer camera, and I thought ‘why haven’t I ever used that?’ So, thanks to Sugarriott, I gave it a try…


I really enjoyed it… I think the images are slightly sharper than screen shots, but playing with the ‘photo tools’ button, something else I’ve never done, really produced some lovely images…


… so, even if I decide the camera is no sharper than a screen shot, though I think it is, I’ll still be making far more use of Windlight settings than I used to.



2 responses

  1. Thank you ❤️

    October 25, 2016 at 2:56 pm

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