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New Works at Placebo Gallery


Seri and I love it when we find fabulous new art work to put in the gallery! Today we discovered the work of Talullah Winterwolf at her little gallery in the Chelsea art district, across the road from the Virtual Chelsea Hotel. We checked her profile (at 7 years and 3 months, she’s been in SL for 3 months longer than us) and checked out the other places her work was. Her work is all fabulous, though way too expensive for us to buy more than 2, but we totally want to get more soon!

I spent most of today in SL, the longest I’ve played there for years, though most of it was not play, but an extremely frustrating, uphill grind. After reading this post by Strawberry Singh, I decided, after years of hesitation, to buy Seri a mesh body. I have very little understanding of mesh bodies, despite trying to gain one by reading posts like Strawberry writes, but I have always tried to dress Seri in really good quality gear, and knew mesh gear was better than non-mesh. But I love Seri as she looks, and couldn’t figure out if a mesh body would change her current looks (sorry, I’m a RL creative, not an SL nerd!)… anyway, bit the bullet, spent thousands of $L on body and new gear. Had instant problems with the Maitreya HUD, spent hours trying to figure out how to use it/why I couldn’t use it… watched a great video by Morgana Hilra, which was cute and funny and informative, but made me realise something was wrong, it wasn’t just because I am stupid. Wound up contacting Gryphon Ronas at Maitreya, who wound up whisking Seri off to her secret lair above the Maitreya shops, where she eventually discovered that, yes, I am stupid, as I’d not actually loaded the mesh body! (actually, I had, but I’d not noticed it had been displaced by one of the mesh clothing items). So, back to Seri’s place to try all her new mesh gear… still lots of problems! I hadn’t really realised you cannot layer mesh, which is a huge advantage non-mesh layers have.


So, after hours of struggle, we eventually got Seri looking pretty damned cute in all her new mesh finery. As a reward, we fired up the Gallery Tour HUD, something else we’ve not done for years, and that’s how we found Talullah!

Had to create a new room in the gallery to put her work, and some other new stuff. The gallery is now so big, Seri and I actually got lost while we were building the new room, had to do the rotate-camera-out-through-wall thing to get an idea of where we actually were, as apposed to where we thought we were. After years of it being narrow, we bought the land next to it, recently, to gain some more room and much-needed prims… and only a few weeks later, Linden Labs doubled the Mainland prim quota’s! The most amazing thing that’s happened in our 7 years in SL. So that’s why we’ve lost track of the place, we’ve been on a building binge (:


4 responses

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  2. What adventures you are having! 🙂

    December 30, 2016 at 3:02 am

    • Just spent the last couple of hours fitting Seri with her new mesh head… not convinced it was worth it, yet!

      December 30, 2016 at 4:52 am

      • It all sounds so daunting to me. You’ve done an amazing job from what I’ve seen so far; still seemed very Seri. I hope you get comfortable with the mesh head soon.

        December 30, 2016 at 8:20 am

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