illustration is art

New Look


As you can see, Seraphim continues to evolve. She no-longer has the pure white, vampire skin she has had for the last 7 years. Her new skin is the palest I could find… I quite like it. The new skin changed her lips, but I like those, too. She has tattoo-layer makeup to give her back her black lips, and also give her cool eye makeup. She’s also picked up some nice ink… she’s always had tats, but they all vanished when she got the mesh body, so we went shopping for new ones that can be applied on the mesh bodies tattoo layers, as well as the underwear and clothing layers, so she’s actually got a couple of tattoos blended together, which look great.

Our recent quest to upgrade Seri has cost me thousands of L$ (Linden dollars), which begins to add up to a lot of RL$! But, hey, I’m on holiday, and it’s still a cheap holiday, compared to anything of similar magnitude I could do in RL. But… as you can see from where Seri is in this picture*, all this exploration of mesh and it’s creative potential to sculpt your avatar as a work of art, has lead us to the consideration of the inevitable (inexorable?) next step… a mesh head. At L$5000 plus, this really will make a real-world impact (around NZ$30), on top of all we’ve spent so far, which has been about NZ$70, so we are going to have a bit of a think about it, first. I doubt it will stop us because, as I say, it’s still a very cheap holiday! From what I’ve gleaned watching Strawberry Singh video’s, I will be in for hours of potentially frustrating work, having to re-shape the mesh head to make it into my unique Seri. I’m also not sure how her gorgeous, liquid-black eyes will work… apparently it’s recommended to use the supplied eyes. Seri with normal eyes would not be Seri.

*She is outside the Catwa mainstore. Catwa make mesh heads and makeup appliers for mesh heads, among other things.


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