illustration is art

Hi, I’m Seri


Seraphim now epitomises that philosophical conundrum; if you went through a teleporter, would the ‘you’ that came out the other end, be ‘you’? Seri is a 100% new version of herself, yet, is she still Seri? She’s actually acting pretty strange.

I know that for most SL dwellers, their avatar is a representation of themselves, however fictional/idealised… Seri has never been that, for me, she has always been herself. She is not, and has never been, a representation of me. To me, she is a being. Yes, she is my avatar, no, she’s not me. Seri and I are friends. I love the girl.

…and I’ve just completely re-built her! Poor thing, she’s so confused. I’ve apologised constantly, through her whole ordeal. I think she’s just sublimated the horror of the whole thing, and, being Seri, soldiered on. But, I can see, she’s changed. I hope she can forgive me.


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