illustration is art

Sweet Ride

Seri just bought herself an extremely sweet ride…sweetride… as she is not a ‘girly’ girl, so her ride is not a ‘girly’ ride. I’m not sure what cc-rating this bike is actually meant to be, but I’d say around 800cc. I love it’s old-school lines, it’s perfect for a no-nonsense adventurer like Seraphim. At L$4000, it wasn’t cheap, but it’s a beautifully crafted piece of SL art, and well worth the price. There is actually someone selling bikes on Marketplace for L$29000 (that’s NZ$156)… and they don’t even have an in-world store where you can view them; this seems pretty outrageous to me, but, hey, if they’re actually selling them, though how much better than Seri’s L$4000 bike they could be, I have my doubts, then; good luck to them.


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