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Maria McKee


Finished! Yay! My homage to this fabulous artist (: I powered through this! It’s years since I’ve put so much passion into a painting… really enjoyed it. I decided to go for painterly, as apposed to photorealistic, which, of course, saved hours of work, and still looks bloody fabulous!

Just in case you think you have pinned Maria’s sound down (if you bothered to listen to any of the tracks I gave links to), here’s a spanner in the works (:


Maria McKee WIP 3


Really loving painting Maria, and re-emmersing myself in her astonishing body of work. Maria deserves far, far more fame than she has, she is amazing. I keep banging on about her voice, and have, here, what I consider the definitive proof of, not only her fabulous voice, but her obvious presence as a performer, and her really, really great guitar playing! This track, especially the ending, always slays me, and does not sound bad when cranked up (:

Maria McKee ‘Life is Sweet/Afterlife

Maria McKee WIP 2


Well, I’m on a gorgeous roll with fabulous Maria! I discovered Maria in 1993, when I bought her 2nd solo (after Lone Justice) album, ‘You Gotta Sin to Get Saved’… I have loved alt-country since I discovered Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys when I was 15 (1974). I’d never heard of the term ‘CowPunk’, but, apparently, thats what lovely Maria’s sound is/was… I think it’s a hell of a lot more!

Here is the girl fronting Lone Justice… you will notice that all the male members (the whole band) basically stand still and do the cock-rock thing, trying to look cool… Maria leaps around, dances constantly/gorgeously, and carries the whole show with her stunning voice and her amazing personality… no wonder Lone Justice disintegrated as soon as she left. Here’s a track from ‘You Gotta Sin to Get Saved’, a cover of Van’s ‘My Lonely Sad Eyes

Loving working in black & white again (:

PS: Much of my adoration for powerful female singers comes from my discovering Linda Ronstadt as a teenager… she had an astonishing voice/range, and has been criticised for never really belting it out as much as she could (sadly, her fabulous voice was silenced by Parkinsonism), still, her voice was pure gorgeousness … as she got older, she did more and more eclectic gorgeousness (:

Maria McKee WIP


I love Maria McKee to bits! The girl has an incredible voice! Incredibly powerful, incredibly emotive, just damned gorgeous. It’s a while since I’ve done a black and white painting. I’m supposed to be finishing Aloy, but keep getting side-tracked. Aloy is actually turning out to be a slow slog. Had a sudden urge to paint fabulous Maria, so, here we go… (:

Maria’s awesome voice: Panic Beach  Scarlover … crap video, great audio; astonishing voice!  Aww, damn, I’m on a roll, here, how about this (Into The Mystic)!? Maria was the front person for Lone Justice … here’s their cover of Sweet Jane (:

Demon Dog Slayer



So… my last post of sweet-pink Seri, gave me cause to contemplate how much my girl has changed over the years, hence this 2012 re-post… Seri was/is a killer, she used to wear a katana, the use of which she was fully conversant, and she used to kill things… usually by cutting them in half! Now, she’s wearing pink angora sweaters, growing vegetables and collecting wine (:

Girly Girl

Seraphim has been getting in touch with her inner girl (: If you know Seri, you know she seldom wears a skirt, and never without leggings. She is going through some kind of sweet-pink-soft-sweety phase… which I find farking adorable, especially since she is still wearing her DeathRocker choker, and her Combat Queen boots (:


Poses & Photo’s

Well… I’ve not been working on Aloy, because I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with Seraphim in SL… not that that is a bad thing (: We recently spent an insane amount of money (bad thing) at the Pose Fair… Seri now has a cool, gothic, out-door bath area attached to her house, which we acquired at the fair, the bath coming with great poses…


… speaking of which, we now have truck-loads of awesome poses…


… which, added to our recent discovery (we were aware of it, but had never played with it) of the ability to make the SL camera more like a real camera, we have been having a hell of a lot of fun…



best5 copy

… while I was composing this post, I was listening to James Newton Howard’s gorgeous soundtrack to Maleficent, and it was a fabulously perfect accompaniment to Seri and I’s photographic/pose adventures in SL (: