illustration is art

Maria McKee WIP 2


Well, I’m on a gorgeous roll with fabulous Maria! I discovered Maria in 1993, when I bought her 2nd solo (after Lone Justice) album, ‘You Gotta Sin to Get Saved’… I have loved alt-country since I discovered Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys when I was 15 (1974). I’d never heard of the term ‘CowPunk’, but, apparently, thats what lovely Maria’s sound is/was… I think it’s a hell of a lot more!

Here is the girl fronting Lone Justice… you will notice that all the male members (the whole band) basically stand still and do the cock-rock thing, trying to look cool… Maria leaps around, dances constantly/gorgeously, and carries the whole show with her stunning voice and her amazing personality… no wonder Lone Justice disintegrated as soon as she left. Here’s a track from ‘You Gotta Sin to Get Saved’, a cover of Van’s ‘My Lonely Sad Eyes

Loving working in black & white again (:

PS: Much of my adoration for powerful female singers comes from my discovering Linda Ronstadt as a teenager… she had an astonishing voice/range, and has been criticised for never really belting it out as much as she could (sadly, her fabulous voice was silenced by Parkinsonism), still, her voice was pure gorgeousness … as she got older, she did more and more eclectic gorgeousness (:


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