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Amazing Second Life Art

TK1Second Life is full of really talented creatives. Seraphim spends a lot of time seeking them out, and adding their work to her collection whenever she can. Sometimes she finds the most amazing work in the strangest places. She recently went to a sale of second-hand gatcha… gatcha are a recent SL phenomena that is huge, it is basically gambling, but much cooler, where you always win something, and quite regularly win amazing stuff, usually for around L$50-L$75 a ‘pull’, the amazing stuff is the ‘rare’ stuff, the uncommon prizes. Seri and I avoided gatcha for years, as we loath gambling, but a good friend of ours somehow, can’t quite remember how, now, convinced us it wasn’t as bad as gambling, we had a go, and, though I would not say we are hooked, we are certainly now regular punters.


Needless to say, many people are addicted, spending thousands of L$’s on games, always wanting those ‘rares’. A way for them to recoup their losses, is to on-sell these items, in special, dedicated markets. Seri was at one of these markets, recently, and she found these:


… they are called ‘Tendril Kitty’s‘, and we think they are really, really gorgeous pieces of SL craftsmanship, not to mention, simply gorgeous, exquisite things…


… the pink one is a ‘rare’ (:


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    May 3, 2017 at 9:55 pm

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