illustration is art

Physical Painting!

Look at this!…


… yep, it’s a gorgeous, virgin canvas, and refs of my recent digital painting of gorgeous, fabulous Maria McKee (: This will be my first physical painting in four years! I have my current, actually very surprising, huge crush on this woman to thank for dragging me away from the screen and onto the brushes again. Although I have been a huge fan for 24 years… I had two Lone Justice Albums and four Maria albums, it wasn’t till I recently decided to do a painting of her, and started my usual intense research of the girl, that I fell stupidly in love with her… after doing the digital painting (which I was really pleased with), I could not let her go, I am thrashing her music, have bought several albums I didn’t have, I watch video of her, and photograph it, looking for a new, better image to paint…


… she’s even on my fridge…


… I have not been this infatuated with someone I want to paint for, well, forever. The digital I did was black and white, my first B&W digital for a while, and, as most of my physical paintings are B&W, which I adore, it was, I suppose, not a surprise that I’d feel the urge to do this painting physically. Really, really looking forward to this (:


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