illustration is art

Snapshot to Art


Just as I take constant photo’s of Seri, Seri is always taking photo’s of beautiful female avatars she sees. She tries to do this covertly, but, sometimes, her AO does this irritating thing that makes it obvious she is taking pictures. This happened when she was taking pictures of Kredstone, the above, gorgeous avatar. She IM’d Seri, asking if she was taking pictures of her (this was in a fairly crowded shopping event), and at the same time, she teleported away. Seri, being Seri, very honestly said she was, and she couldn’t help it, because she thought Kredstone was gorgeous (: They had a delightful conversation, during which Seri sent Kredstone one of the snaps she’d taken, Kredstone liked it, and asked (having read Seri’s profile) if the snap might wind up at the Bench Art Park. Seri replied ‘Possibly, but I’d change the background, first’ Kredstone thought that would be cool, so Seri asked me to change the ‘snapshot’ into ‘art’, which I gladly did. Seri sent the result to Kredstone, whose first reply was OMG! (:


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