illustration is art

Exhibitions & Acquisitions


Seraphim has been very busy going to exhibitions and the Home & Garden Expo, which is huge, and took several visits to even comprehend. She bought a couple of sculptural pieces at the expo (among other things!) and, though she doesn’t normally do this, has combined them in the gallery as one sculpture, which we both think looks pretty good.

She went to an exhibition of great sculpture and some good photography, but, sadly, none of it was for sale…



… but, she still managed to find and buy some awesome art for the gallery…


… including, finally, a Bryn Oh piece ‘Kumiko and Mr Zippers hug‘. Seri has always wanted some Bryn Oh art, but it used to be way out of her price range (this one was way cheaper than we would have thought), and always extremely prim-heavy, which this one is, but, what the hell, we can afford the prims, now (:



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