illustration is art

Waiting WIP


Here is my latest crush (: This is ‘Laura‘ (Dafne Keen), from the really, really good film, ‘Logan‘, which I judge to be the best X-Men movie of them all. I’m going to do several ‘Lauras‘, as I totally adore the character/actor. She is so much like a baby Creaturina! Dafne Keen has got the smouldering, barely contained, lethal rage thing down pat! And it just makes her more gorgeous (:

I have called this painting ‘Waiting’. In this scene, she is a hungry child, wolfing down food given her by Charles and Caliban (Logan is too distracted by his and Charle’s problems to even think about a child whose only skills he believes to be growling and throwing things… Charles, of course, knows better…), when the bad guys come calling. She goes on eating as the confrontation between Logan and the baddies plays out outside… eventually the badies send in several thugs to capture Laura. She stops eating, and waits, her distain and rage slowly building, as several heavily armed men strut into the room. Then… she kills them all. My kind of little girl (:


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