illustration is art

The Indefatigable Seraphim P


The indefatigable miss S has been hard at work, still, again, seeking out excellent SL art for Placebo Gallery, and meeting cool people and having adventures… as well as a major style change for herself, in the form of fabulous new hair and an awesome (the best!) new Vista Bento AO, which has settings for shape, in Seri’s case, slim, which makes it by far the best AO she’s ever had… and it has a killer walk!


… her search took her, yet again, many, many interesting places, following ‘picks’ she gleaned from the profiles of artists she came across. As always, some were totally out of date, and didn’t even exist, such as a gallery in Kowloon…


… but Kowloon still provides gorgeous photographic material! Through all this, Seri acquired a glorious haul of new art for the gallery…


… and had a lovely conversation with one of the artists, which led her to other galleries, and other amazing art, including some of the best SL photography either of us have ever seen… images that could be stills from a David Lynch film…


… as well as other exquisite stuff…





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